Mushrooms Growing at Ravine

Ravine has incredible Portabellas!

Sliced mushrooms from Ravine

Medley of Ravine Mushroms

Oyster Mushroom bouquet at Ravine

Collected Shitake

Corporate Responsibility

Ravine Mushroom Farms Inc., supports local charitable organizations and foundations such as: The Sick Kids Hospital Foundation, Ride to conquer cancer (the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation), the Local Fire Fighters Association, Local Junior Soccer Clubs, Down syndrome Association of York Region to name but a few.

Business Philosophy

To develop long term business relationships with our customers, to ensure customer satisfaction through consistently providing safe high quality mushroom products and delivering the mushrooms on time.

Tasty Recipes

Mushrooms are a versatile food, coming in many different varieties that can be used in all kinds of dishes, from sides to salads to full-fledged entrées. The sheer difference between the species of fungi, from the rich and meaty portabella, often used as a vegetarian substitute for meat, to the delicate yet varied oyster mushroom, demands an imposing array of recipes. Whether fresh or frozen, our mushrooms will be perfectly at home in any of them. From here to your kitchen, we say: Bon appetite!

Our Products

Ravine Mushrooms Farms Inc. supplies various varieties of mushrooms including, white mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, specialty mushrooms such as Enoki, Maitake, King Eryngii, Honey Mushrooms, Chantrelle, Morels and Beech.